How To Get Leads With Jaw Dropping IG Stories


Tell me a Story 📖 a real good one.

IG Stories are a world all of their own. They are a place to create new exciting content and have the ability to perform better than any post. But are you using them to the best of your ability? Here are our two big tips on how to not just use them, but be STRATEGIC and CREATIVE when you do.

1. Step Out of The IG Box

Get creative and experiment with IG story template apps to help make your stories stand out from the rest and keep them on brand. How could anyone tap away from something so pretty? Our favourite apps for IG Stories Templates: Canva, Over and Unfold.

2. Post IG Stories With Intention

Get even more eyes on your IG Stories by adding a few important things to your image. Tag, tag and tag. Take advantage of IG tagging by tagging profiles, hashtags and locations in your IG stories to get them on those specific tag feeds. This way you'll attract new eyes in areas that are on brand with you.