I don’t mean to scare you but there are some serious things going on when it comes to growing your following with Instagram. Things that could just be causing your engagement to plummet, your reach to be subpar and your followers to be not even be close to your ideal client.

It’s time to scrap these scam like actions that got you this far, and time to start using more organic methods to attract your true tribe online. 

1. Get Out of The Engagement Pods 

This is a group of similar accounts where you’re strictly putting in posts and encouraging people to go like your content. Participating in pods like this doesn’t put you in front of your potential clients, it puts you in-front of people who are doing the same thing you are (and possible your competition).... Why waste time in a space that’s not getting you authentic, engaged followers, but instead the same group of people who most likely won’t purchase from you. Plus, Instagram cues in when these pods are being used and could be why your engagement is low, it’s because Instagram isn’t a fan of your activity.

2. Don't Automate Your Posts With A Third Party 

By far this is the MOST IMPORTANT POINT I’ll get across to you today. Now I know a lot of you may know of or even use engagement bots (Platforms that go in and like, comment, follow etc.) on your behalf to save time and quickly grow your following. But this is a major NO BUENO by Instagram. The whole point of the app is for YOU to be on their engaging legitimately. So wheather you need to set time in your calendar to do it yourself or hire someone to help you, if your don’t change this you run the risk of Instagram disabling your account or blocking it from being viewed. 

3. Stop Using Banned Hashtags 

Instagram has banned A LOT of hashtags. Meaning if you’re using hashtags that Instagram has blocked your content that included such hashtags won’t get seen and could be blocked. The best way to see blocked hashtags is to check in Instagram itself. To do this: type the hashtag in the search box of Instagram. If the tag does not appear in the list, then it may be blocked. If the hashtag does appear, but there is a message when you click on it saying it’s been disabled, that’s a sign that the hashtag is blocked.

4. Stop The Follow - Unfollow

This is when a person or brand regularly follows and then afterwards unfollows in order to raise their following and have more eyes on them. 

A. It ain’t nice & not authentic whatsoever.

B. It’s a direct violation of Instagrams Terms & Conditions. It also really doesn’t work as well as you think it does. It may grow your following but not your engagement... This about it, the more passive users you have because they’re not true followers, the increasingly lower reach you have and in turn the less of an impact and worse of a performance your account will have on the app.

Organic growth is a thing. Use the app the way it’s meant to be used. Social Media isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. ✨

Need more than just some tips?! 

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